Why Toast? An introduction

There is Well Done as is “properly browned” and Well Done as in “bravo”. The toast has come to symbolize my expectations of restaurants, both literally and figuratively. Since I am a somewhat quirky eater, I often have issues with my food. In fact, it almost never fails, despite my best intentions.  The quirks aren’t always confined to food either. I’ll chronicle all of these various mis-steps on this site.

Toast seems pretty simple. The definition is a piece of bread that has been browned by radiant heat. Here is an example of what I consider a perfect piece of toast:


Just put a piece of bread in the toaster on the “darker” setting and when it pops up, it’s done. What could be easier? And yet, it is seemingly the most difficult task a restaurant could undertake. Whenever I order toast, or it’s cousin the grilled sandwich, it is almost always under-browned. This is so pervasive that I am forced to ask for my toast well-done every time I order it, in an effort to get even a smattering of brown-ness.

Why do restaurants treat toast as an afterthought? It’s like they consider toast a garnish and just throw it on the plate to round out the presentation but with no expectation that anyone actually wants to eat it.

Is it a time issue? I’m willing to wait the extra minute to get toast perfectly browned, but that extra minute multiplied by X customers adds up I suppose. So don’t offer toast if it can’t be prepared properly.

Now, toast comes in various degrees of under-done-ness. The worst is when the bread was in the toaster just long enough for all of the moisture to be drawn out by the heat, but not long enough for the bread to start browning. So what you have is just a dry stale piece of bread that is not even warm enough to melt the butter, like this :

This is a grilled sandwich I recently ordered “well done”.

This well done grilling is especially important for sandwiches containing cheese, as it must be given time to melt properly.

Since this was a at sandwich shop where the preparation was in full view of the customers, I broke my usual rule about sending food back and asked for it to be put back on the grill. They REFUSED, stating this was as well done as they could get it. This went straight into the trash.

I’m on a mission to educate the restaurant staff of the world on the proper way to prepare a piece of toast or to grill a sandwich.

Possibly worth noting that I realize I don’t have all of my blog pages set up correctly, a dead end here or there…simple things that people just can’t get right? Oh the irony.

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