Brach’s Malted Milk Candy Egg Conspiracy

The Brach’s Pastel Fiesta Easter Egg candy has been my favorite for more then 50 years. Even as a child I coveted these candy eggs, counting to make sure my four siblings got the same amount, savoring them carefully. Since they were only available at Easter*, it was a long wait in between.

The Brach’s Malted Milk eggs are the very best. The malted milk center is crunchy and airy, the chocolate layer is creamy and sweet, and the hard outer candy shell is the perfect smooth texture. Over the years I have tried other versions of this seasonal treat, but none compare. One brand looks similar with the candy shell and malted milk center, but it does not have a chocolate layer. Another has the chocolate layer, but the outer shell is waxy. Some have an artificial caramel flavor and inferior chocolate. There is just nothing like the Brach’s brand of this particular candy so it is the only brand I’ll buy and eat.

Brachs Fiesta Eggs

The last time I found these I stocked up.

Now, they were always a little hard to find as it seemed like only one or two stores in the area stocked them and they are very popular. The shelves would clear out quickly, while the other Easter candy languished, especially those mallow eggs, which I disliked even as a child. One would think that the store buyers would notice this from year to year and increase their order, but this never appeared to happen.

Then a few years ago it became almost impossible to find them locally.  I had to resort to purchasing them online from “nostalgia” candy companies-at twice the price. Every Easter season I would search every store to see which, if any, had been granted the privilege of stocking them. It seemed to become very elite.

This year was even worse. Once again, these cherished eggs were no where to be found. Online stores and some private sellers were selling them for as much as $10 for a 7 ounce bag which contained 20 pieces. They had become a black-market commodity. It probably would have been easier to get my hands on some illegal drugs than to find these eggs. This was getting ridiculous.

I have written to Brach’s in the past about the scarcity of their items and got no satisfactory answer but decided to try again. I contacted them and inquired as to why they were so hard to find, when other Brach’s Easter candy was stocked in the stores. I asked them outright if they refused to offer this item to the company buyers.  They answered back that they offer their full line to buyers so if the item isn’t available it is because the buyers must have decided their customers didn’t want them. This just does not seem like it could possibly be accurate.

I then wrote to the buyer of the large chain grocery store in my area that carried all of the other Brach’s Easter candy this year. The Chicks and Rabbits, the Candy Corn, and the Jelly Beans, but no Fiesta Eggs. I asked them why they never ordered them, year after year, since Brach’s had assured me that they could have ordered them if they so chose. I received back a reply that they would have to check with their buyers, but I’m not holding my breath. I would like to find out who is not being truthful and why. What could be the reason for not providing a hot selling seasonal item locally. Do the online stores exert pressure and demand exclusivity? Do the other brands withhold their product if they are made to compete for shelf space? Are they too difficult to ship? Can they not make enough of them to meet the volume of a large chain? This is all still a mystery.

*A long long time ago Brach’s used to sell the same candy at Christmas time except they were white, round and they called them Snow Balls.