Pancakes-Hold the Syrup

Here is another of my food quirks that seems simple to accommodate yet is always fouled up. I don’t like syrup on my pancakes. It’s not that I don’t like the taste of maple, I just don’t like the soggy stickiness syrup causes.  I prefer my pancakes with just butter and powdered sugar, so that is the way I order them. Except, I need to specify extra butter, because the pancakes are so spongy they soak it up, and some restaurants are pretty stingy with their butter (one small ramikin for a table of four),  plus, I like butter.  Also, I have to specify that I need a side order of powdered sugar, a lot, not just a sprinkling on top.

Now, from experience, I need to emphasize this request because it is frequently forgotten. I think maybe the server considers the butter and sugar along the lines of condiments, which they usually bring after they have delivered the meal, so they don’t write it down figuring they’ll remember or I’ll ask again once my food arrives. The problem with this is that, by the time they come back with them, my pancakes are too cold to melt the butter, and are rendered inedible to me.

So, I am basically forced to make a production out of the request, saying something like “and please make sure it comes at the same time as the pancakes”,  and even “because the servers usually forget”, and end up sounding like a demanding bitch. No matter how sweet and lilting I make my voice, it seems too special.