Another grilled sandwich fail

I ordered a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and, as I always do, I request that it be cooked “well done”.

This is what I got:

Sandwich 1


Not only is it severely under-grilled, but you can tell that no care was taken to get an even distribution on butter on the bread.  A very pitiful attempt.

At what point could I expect waitstaff to go to bat for me, and tell the chef at the window, before it is even brought out to me, “hey, my customer wanted this well done”.  Shouldn’t they  be aware of what they are serving? I never punish waitstaff for kitchen mishaps, but maybe I should start docking them tip percentages when they fail to make sure the food they bring is what, and the way, I ordered it.

So I nibbled on french fries while others finished their meals, came home,  properly butter both sides of the bread, and re-grilled my sandwich. It came out perfectly.

Sandwich 2

Of course, now it was almost 10 o’clock at night and I didn’t want to eat that late, so I only ate a quarter of the sandwich.