Don’t Rush the Bagel

Yesterday the family went to a local deli for dinner. This place has been around for years, and, it kind of looks it, but the food is good. I was torn between a “breakfast dinner” of bacon and eggs, or my usual turkey sandwich. The deciding factor was going to be whether they were out of their “everything bagels”. This restaurant has its own bakery and I really like the bagels with onion, garlic, poppy and sesame seeds etc. So I ask the server if they have any of these left and am assured they do, so that’s it, I go with the breakfast. Bacon and eggs, with a well done everything bagel.

The server reads back the order, and when she gets to mine, she says “bacon and eggs, over medium, with an everything bagel”. I respond, “Yes, but please make sure the is bagel well done.”  “Oh, ok , of course” she replies.  She seems very nice.

Some 15 minutes later our order starts to arrive. As she places the food down, she tells me they are out of everything bagels.  As I mentioned, that partcular bagel was the deciding factor in my order, so  am slightly annoyed and have to make a choice now between plain, egg or onion. The first two are too, well, plain, so I settle for the onion bagel.

Now here is where my son accused me of being a bit testy, if not rude.

As she is putting down my food, she tells me that she will be “right back” with my onion bagel. Now, let’s think about this for a second.  I asked for my bagel to be “well done”, and I had to reiterate it twice while ordering. Then, while she is putting down my food, she has to get my second choice of bagel, which means it is not already in the process of browning. So I feel compelled to tell her that being “right back” is not as important to me as it being well done when it gets here. My actual words are “don’t be in too much of a hurry, as I want the bagel well done”.  I think my voice might have reflected my disappointment a bit more than I had hoped and my son thought I sounded a little bitchy.

I am happy to report that it came to be perfectly toasty brown. Kudos to the server for remaining patient and nice.